Adventure & Yoga
Full Day Experience
Dates: All Year - Based on Availability-
Basic Information
Experience price without additional costs.
8 am to 10 pm
This is an intense 14 hours experience.
Middle level
It is available for all levels but it is physically demanding.
250 Kilometers Drive
We go and come back on the same days so there is about 5 hours of driving in total.
Yoga, hiking & Views
Receive quality yoga training and visit one of the most beautiful spots in Cataluña
Picnic, snacks & Drinks
We start with an energy boost
1 Start of the tour 06:00
We start very early to arrive and enjoy this beautiful area as much as possible
2 Arrival to the Emerald Paradise 08:30
Once here we have a couple hours of hiking to go and a couple more to come back, the hike itself is low intensity but requires stamina and a fair physical fitness to do the 4 hours.
3 The Bridge
One of the most beautiful aspects of this hike are the hanging bridges next to the mountain, for some people this is a frightening experience and for others is very liberating.
4 Pranayama Course (Breathing Techniques)
This is a completely unpolluted area of Cataluña, meaning there is no better place to breath than in here, we will do a 30-45 minutes course on breathing techniques that could become tools for your daily needs.
5 Yoga, Massage and Relaxing.
Upon arrival we will do a one hour yoga Lesson which will end with a 15 minutes Thai massage so you can relax for the rest of the evening.
What is included?
Tour price 250 includes:
  • All Transportation
  • Guidance
  • Picnic
  • Pranayama course (Breathing Techniques) in the middle of nature
  • Yoga lesson on return to the Hotel/Airbnb
  • 15 Minutes Thai massage focused on the legs.
Thermal underwear, Synthetic t-shirts , Fleece jacket, Membrane jacket, Hat, Gloves, Synthetic pants, Trekking socks, Wool socks, Clean clothes, Trekking shoes, Sunglasses
Planning on swimming?
It is possible and encouraged, so bring your swimming suit and towel.
Food & Water
You will be provided with a picnic and water
Passport, Money/card, Phone, Insurance
Medicine box
Chapstick, Sun blocking cream, And-Aid, Anaesthetic pills, Personal medicines
About your guide
We are a team of enthusiasts who believe that all kinds of travelling must be maximum exciting, active and various. We organise tracking and hiking tours in different difficulty levels for those who just want to become closely acquainted to new experience or for those who shares our passion.
We plan really magnificent routes
You are in care of professionals
You are in a good company ;)
Tours complexity for all levels
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