Beach, yoga & Relaxation
Yoga Retreat

This Yoga Holiday is for you to recharge and enjoy the best of the Mediterranean Sea


For Beginner, intermediate or advanced yoga practices.

Decide the length of your retreat
- From 3 days and 2 nights onwards
- It can start any day of the week.
(Based on availability)
You will stay in a unique house facing the sea walking distance from beautiful Cadaques
What is included?
Private Accommodation
2 Private Yoga Classes Daily
1 Pranayama Lesson Daily (Breathing)
15 Minutes Thai Massage Daily
All meals are included
(For arrival day only dinner and for departure only breakfast)
Paddle Board (SUP) at Sea
Hiking next to the Sea
Transportation From and To the Airport.
How does a day in the retreat looks like?
Make the best of your days and recharge, times can be modified to fit your preferences.
Example of a full day in the retreat
Private Ashtanga Yoga Class (Modified based on your practice)
Breakfast with ecological food
A beautiful hike next to the beach all the way to a lighthouse, where in occasions there is live music but there are always stunning views
Pranayama Lesson (Breathing Lessons) and free time at the beach
Picnic in Nature next to the beach (High quality ingredients)
Return to the house, I can pick you up or we can do the walk together.
Workshop Time. You can choose, for example:
- Stronger arms, legs or Abs.
- Inverted Asanas.
Soft Yin Yoga Style practice (Longer holds) and 15 Minutes Thai Massage
Dinner and rest
Stand up Paddle or Hike
You can choose between Stand Up Paddle or one of the famous hikes while enjoying the views in beautiful beaches.
Hiking next to the mediterranen sea
There are famous routes that go along the sea with beautiful views and small beaches in between, truly a recommended activity.
Lets make the best out of our time
The days are filled with yoga but there is always time for a couple hours of Nature

Where Is The Retreat?
The retreats are hosted in Cadaqués, in the famous Costa Brava in Cataluña, 3 hours away from Barcelona.

Known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters.

The closest airport to the retreat (Transfer included) is:

Girona airport or Barcelona airport.

In here you will also find:

- Stunning views for hiking
- Dali's beautiful town to get lost in its streets.
- Perfect spots for relaxing and learning Yoga
You will stay in a truly unique 4 bedroom house with stunning views
You deserve to recharge.
The whole house has sea view and even direct access to our own little "Cala" to enjoy the mediterranean waters.
Yoga for everybody
Sharing my passion on instagram
Other details
What Yoga Do We Practice?
We practice Ashtanga Yoga during the morning and in the afternoon we practice softer practices like Yin Yoga and we focus on whatever part of your body that needs improvement (For example Core, Hips, etc.)
The house allows a maximum of 6 people.
Deposit & Cancellation
A deposit for 50% of the retreat is necessary to book a spot.
The deposit is non refundable unless it is due to Covid circumstances where the government does not allow you to travel.
Information & Prices
Prices for Flights vary but I can help you find the best deal with no commitment.

The closest airports are Barcelona and Girona Airport
What is Included?
Private Accommodation
2 Private Yoga Classes Daily
1 Pranayama Lesson Daily (Breathing)
15 Minutes Thai Massage Daily
All meals are included with high quality ingredients.
(For arrival day only dinner and for departure only breakfast)
Paddle Board at Sea
Hiking next to the Sea
Transportation From and To the Airport..
Price - Private Yoga Retreat
For a different amount of days or people please contact.
3 Days and 2 nights for 1 person
3 days and 2 nights for 2 people
3 Days and 2 nights for 3 people
4 Days and 3 nights for 1 person
4 days and 3 nights for 2 people
4 days and 3 nights for 3 people
Meet your Host and Teacher: Tony
Hello! My name is Tony, I am a yoga teacher with 11 years of experience and with a degree in tourism. I have focused on private yoga classes ever since I started, I enjoy the connection this brings with my students.

I am certified as an ashtanga yoga teacher in Mysore India by Yoga Alliance and as a Thai masseur in Thailand by the Wat Pho School. I Live as a nomadic yoga teacher who does different types of retreats around the world, well since Covid mainly Barcelona and around :)

If you would like to see more of my asana practice and adventures please visit @yogawithantonio on instagram (Or click the purple sign below)
Longer Version of Who I Am :)
I was thinking of making this short but then I thought about it and who I am makes a big difference towards the type of retreat you will be getting.

Let's see, I was born and raised in beautiful and wild Venezuela, I began my love for nature late when I was 15, as soon as I could go by myself to nature I was spending hours and hours in the amazing mountain I had only a few minutes from my home, I loved it, there wasn't a day I was not up there. I remember thinking to myself as I was leading friends to new spots in the mountain "It would be amazing if I could do this for a living one day"

Shortly after my next passion came into the picture, Surf and I was spending countless hours in the Caribbean Sea enjoying the waves. It was thanks to a friend whom I used to surf with that I started practicing Yoga, her mom was going to a small home to practice and there I was every few mornings picking them up in my car and going to this tiny living room with a room full of women full of energy to practice yoga, I didn't really put much thought on it, it just felt right whenever I was on the mat, difficult but right.

I started my university studies around 16 and it was a 5 years degree in tourism, writing this now I can see how all my passions slowly came together to what I now offer. While I was doing my Masters in tourism I began traveling, I spent months in the border between Brazil and Venezuela exploring and taking tourists to the amazing nature in that area and then I went on to visit countries like Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Trinidad & Tobago and after living for 6 months in Barbados, a paradise for diving, surfing and practicing I decided I needed some city life which brought me to London for 2 years.

That was 2 rough years for me as you can imagine, when I reached my limit with the city I quit and grabbed the savings I had and decided to go to India by myself, after a couple weeks traveling I ended up in Mysore where I spent a few months practicing under the guidance of Saraswathi, the daughter of the creator of Ashtanga Yoga. After this I moved to Barcelona where I worked and practiced very intensely to save enough money to go back to India with the intention of practicing with Saraswathi again.

Fast forward to me back in India a year later I find myself looking for accommodation and I randomly meet a man sitting in a guest house in Mysore, we started a small conversation and he asked me if I was willing to try a class with him, I would only lose a class with Saraswathi if I did it so I said "Why not?"

I had practiced already for 5 years when I had a class with him, I can honestly say I knew nothing of Yoga until I started learning with him, there were only 2 students in that class and I understood the massive difference it makes to have the full attention of the teacher, one class turned into hundreds with him and Jai Prakash was the teacher who certified me as a teacher with Yoga Alliance later on.

I spent the next 5 years teaching yoga in Barcelona in private settings, hosting one day experiences in nature and doing Private Yoga Retreats in the nature of Barcelona

(Which I still do when requested)

But, thing is, a nomad will always be a nomad and I have accepted this which brought me to Galicia a place that has the perfect mixture between nature, surf and the calmness I was looking for to focus on my practice. I plan to be here until the beginning of winter when I will be heading to Central America to host retreats over there and continue to explore the world while I share my passions. I hope I did not bore you with my story and I thank you for reading all the way down here.
Let's Design Your Retreat
We will arrange a Skype call so we can discuss every detail/doubt and get to know each other.
Amount of People for the Retreat
Text me any time! :)